Friday, May 21, 2010

Math Prep: Build Your Quantitative IQ Workshop

People learn best when they are trying to understand something that directly affects them. The ongoing global credit crisis will shape the business climate that determines your summer internship and post-MBA opportunities.

Not only is the ongoing credit crisis of global importance, its quantitative foundations are eminently understandable. I have designed the two-hour quantitative skills workshop at the upcoming Forte Women's Conference like an MBA class in the sense that participants should devote an hour or two of advance preparation using the materials at so that we can extend and apply that preparation in the workshop.

The workshop won't make you an expert but it will highlight the quantitative mechanics underlying bond valuation, financial leverage, securitization, and balance sheet implosions. You'll also get a preview of the quantitative reasoning you'll need in your upcoming MBA classes.

This post and the upcoming workshop come as I preside over an annual summer surge of pre-MBA quant skills preparation at MBA Math, which you can see in the image of last year's activity.

Not everyone needs additional quantitative preparation. But for those who do, be aware that your time is limited as you transition back to school and you'll be sitting in fall term classes before you know it.

I look forward to meeting many of you at this year's conference.

Peter Regan created the self-paced, online MBA Math quantitative skills course and teaches live MBA courses at Dartmouth (Tuck), Duke (Fuqua), and Cornell (Johnson).

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