Thursday, May 19, 2011

Go Mobile at the 2011 Forte MBA Women's Conferene

Go mobile: We've created a mobile site just for the conference:

We will continually update the site with event information, video interviews, photos, announcements and social media coverage during and after the conference. Add the page to your homescreen* for easy access during the conference.

*On Android
1. Launch Browser
2. Go to
3. Press your device's < Menu > button
4. Select More
5. Select Add bookmark or Bookmark page and select OK
6. Press your device's < Home > button, then press the < Menu > button
7. Select Add > Shortcut > Bookmark
8. Find the Forte mobile site and select it
9. A new icon appears on your home screen

*On Apple
1. Launch Safari
2. Go to
3. Tap the center arrow icon at the bottom of the screen (
Note: On devices running iOS 4.1 or earlier, tap the +)
4. Select Add to Home Screen
5. Tap Add to confirm
6. A new icon appears on your home screen

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