Friday, May 25, 2012

Seat buckle fastened? Let’s finish—here are your final tips to maximize your mentoring relationship.

1.      Do the work. Come prepared to mentoring meetings. Follow through on your commitments. Stay focused on your learning goals. Continuously work at strengthening the relationship. Keep up the momentum.

2.      Make mentoring prime time. When you show up, be fully present. Don’t get distracted. Remember you are taking up valuable time in your mentor’s day. Make it value added for him/her too.

3.      Keep a journal or learning log so you can reflect on what you are learning as you are learning it, have a record of what it is you have discussed and refer to it as you evaluate your mentoring journey.

Dr. Lois Zachary is president of Leadership Development Services, LLC, a Phoenix-based consulting firm that specializes in leadership and mentoring, and is director of its Center for Mentoring ExcellenceÔ. She is an internationally recognized mentoring expert and has been cited as “one of the top minds in leadership” today. Since The Mentor’s Guide was first published in 2000, it has become a best-seller and the primary resource for organizations interested in promoting mentoring for leadership and learning, and for mentors seeking to deepen their mentoring practices. With her companion books, Creating a Mentoring Culture (2005) and The Mentee’s Guide (2009) and over 100 published articles, she has created a comprehensive set of resources for promoting the practice of individual and organizational mentoring excellence. In June 2012, Jossey-Bass will launch the publication of five mentoring pocket tools on mentoring excellence.

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